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Places to visit around Kumbakonam
Mahamaham Tank
Mahamaham Tank near to paradise resort. heritage resort between kumbakonam and tanjore - tamilnadu - south india
If there is a tank held to be more sacred than Ganges, it is only the Mahamaham Tank at Kudandai. As Kumbamelas are celebrated in this Tank. The Mahamaham Tank of Kumbakonam is Located near the Head Post Office. This Tank covers an area of 6.2 acers and is in a shape of a pot. The Tank is surrounded by 16 small Mandapams and a "Nava Kannika Temple" in the Eastern side.
Saivite Temples
Kumbesvara Temple
Nagesvara Temple
Somesvara Temple
Kumbesvarar Temple
Kumbeswarar temple located kumbakonam, Kumbeswarar temple nearest luxury hotel is paradise resort (heritage resort between kumbakonam and tanjore - tamilnadu - south india)
Adi Kumbeswarar temple is the major one among the Saivaite temples and located in the centre of Kumbakonam at Big Bazaar Street. This temple covers an area of 30181 sq.ft. With a length and breadth of 750 feet, and 252 feet respectively. This temple comprises fo three Praharas and three Gopurams in the eastern, northern and western directions. It is belived that Govinda Theeksithan, the Chieftain of Achutha Nayakar of Thanjavur, renovated this oldest temple during 16th century.
Nagesvarar Temple
Nagesvarar Temple located in kumbakonam, Nagesvarar Temple´s nearest heritage resort is paradise resort (heritage resort between kumbakonam and tanjore - tamilnadu - south india)
Nageswaran Temple otherwise known as "koothandavar Kovil", is locatd near the old bus stand area and Adithya Cholan of Chola dynasty constructed this temple during 12th century. This temple stands as a great marvel of chola's architecture, building technology and astronomy. The design and orientation are structured in such a way that it allows the sun rays inside the temple only during the month of Chithirai, therefore, it bears another name called "Soorya Kotatm" or "Keel Kottam". The Karuvarai of Nageswaran temple has similarity with that of Sarangapani temple, as it is made in the form of a chariot. The temple consists of two Gopurams in the easteren and western directions.
Somesvara Temple
Somesvara Temple situated in kumbakonam. Paradise resort give world class resort and hotel service near to this temple.
Someswara temple Somessar temple is situated in the southren portion of Sri Sarangapani Temple. This temple is facing the northren side with a small Gopuram at the eastern portion near the entrance. The architectural style and element of this temple resembles the Dravidian Architecture of 13th century of chola period. Arumugam and thenar Mozhi Ammal are the other deities located in this temple complex.
Vaishnavite Temples
Sarangapani Temple
Chakrapani Temple
Ramaswamy Temple
Sarangapani Temple
Hotels near Sarangapani Temple, resorts near Sarangapani Temple
Sri Sarangapani temple is located near to Uchipilliar Kovil junction at Sarangapani East Street. This temple is considered one among the three major shrines of lord Vishnu and it was renovated during the period of Nayaka Kingdom fo 16th century. Sarangapani temple consists of the biggest Gopuram (150ft), and five Praharas and one holy tank, known as "Porthamarai Kulam", which is located behind the temple. The Karuvarai and Vimanam are made with 12 - sculptured columns shaped llike a chariot.
Chakarapani Temple
Chakarapani Temple near in South indian traditional home paradise resort
Chakkarapani Temple is located in the northern portion of BIg Bazaar Street near the river Cauvery and ssecong biggest Vaishnavite temple in Kumbakonam town.
Ramaswamy Temple
tamilnadu high class star hotel near in ramaswamy temple located in kumbakonam - Thanjavur
Ramasamy Temple Achutha Nayaka of Thanjavur constructed the Ramasamy temple during 16th century. This temple is Located on the southeastern portion of "Porthamarai Kulam" and southern side of "Uchipillaiyar Kovil" junction. This temple consists of one Gopuram, One Maha Mandapam and Karuvarai.
Navagraha Temples
Indian Astrology belives that the planetary positions of the nine planets in a geocentric orbit determine the way a person will live, progress and exemplify ones's life to others before death. Nava means nine and Graha means Planet. There are nine temples located in Tamil Nadu representing each planet in the Navagraha. All nine of them are located within a sixty - kilometre radius around Kumbakonam in Thanjavur district.


Rahu Sthalam - Tirunageswaram
Rahu Sthalam situated in Tirunageswaram
Tirunageswaram, This vast temple known is so far its shrine to Rahu, one of the nine celestial bodies in the Navagraha. A legend has it that the mythological serpents Adiseshan, Dakshan and Kaarkotakan worshipped Shiva here. Legend also has it that King Nala worshipped Shiva here as in Thirunallar.
Vaitheswarar Temple - Vaitheswaran Koil
Vaitheswarar Temple - Vaitheswaran Koil, south indians famous heritage resort
Vaitheswaran Koil, With the Vaitheswaran Koil, there is a special shrine dedicated to Ankarakan or Sevvai or Mars. The belief is that if prayers are offered to Ankarakan, he will bestow valour, victory and strength to the person. Upon entering the temple, devotees first go the Siddamrita tank. The water is said to have curative properties for various skin ailments. There ia also a widespread belief that a visit here would remove obstacles that delay marriage.
Chandran - Thingaloor
Chandran - Thingaloor, hotels near swamimalai
Thingaloor, Though there is a question about when this temple was built, historians agree that it must have been in existence since before the beginning of the Bhakti period, which was well before the seventh century A.D. Dedicated to the Moon or Chandran in Sanskrit and Thingai in Tamil, a visit ti this temple is said to grant a confortable and long lilfe. In astrology, Chandran is the planet that removes stress and sorrow.
Sani Temple - Thirunallar
sani temple - thirunallar in close proximity to paradise resort (luxury hotel near navagraha temples)
Thirunallar, This is the only temple that is dedicated to Lord Sani Or Saturn. When the Planet Saturn transits between zodiac signs, literally millions throng this shrine. The Legendary King Nala is said to have been relived of his affictions, which were due to the malefic influence of Saturn, after worships in this temple. Of the numerous tanks theertams, the Nala theertam is the important one. By bathibng here, it is belived that one washes off all kinds of misfortune and afflictions.
Surya - Suryanar Koil
Surya - Suryanar Koil (god sun temple) in close to paradise resort (heritage resort near navagraha temples and kumbakonam)
Suryanar Koil, situated 21 kms from swamimalai is the Suryanar Koil built by King Kulothunga Chola I in the year 1100 AD. This temple is dedicated to Sun God Surya who is known as tha giver health, sucess and prosperity. Every year in mid January, the harvest festival is celebrated in thanks giving and to honour.
Sukran - Kanchanur
Sukran - Kanchanur located nearly paradise resort (luxury resort near to tanjore)
Kanchanur, This Shiva Sthalam is associated with Sukran or Venus and is maintained by the Madurai Adinam. It is Located in a quite hamlet of Thiruvaavaduturai.This Shrine is also referred to as Palaasavanam, Brahmapurai and Agnisthalam. Brahma is said to have had a vision here of Shiva's wedding with Parvati.Men visit to pray for the well being od their wives.
Kethu - Keezhperumpallam
A cultural resort located near kethu - Keezhperumpallam
Keezhperumpallam, This is an ancient Shaivite temple and legend has it that Kethu, the other planetary node of the nine celestial bodies worshipped Shiva here. Rahu and Kethu are associated with legend of the serpent that helped Lord Shiva churn the milky ocean. There is a Shrine dedicated to Kethu in this temple.
Guru - Alangudi
Guru temple in alangudi close on paradise resort
Alangudi, This is regarded as a Guru Sthalam or Jupiter where Lord Dakshinamurthy is held in great revernce. The Shrine attracts a large number of devotees when Jupiter transits between zodiac signs. Parvathi, the consort of Lord Shiva, is said to have been reborn on the banks of the Amrita Pushkarini within the temple precincts before being reunited with Shiva.
Budhan - Thiruvenkadu
Budhan - Thiruvenkadu
Thiruvenkadu, There ia a reference to this temple in Valmiki's Ramayana. Therefore it is said that the oldest part of the temple is more than 3000 years old. Dedicated to Budhan or Mercury this temple in Thiruvenkadu makes up the last of the Navagraha Temples. Budhan is said to bestow wisdom and intellect.